Melatonin Diffuser

Excessive screen time, stress, and issues at work or school has made it harder than ever to wind down and get uninterrupted sleep.

Lively helps promote a sense of calmness and eases you into a rejuvenating night of rest.

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“Sometimes I have trouble getting to bed because of stressful days. After I used Lively, I was able to sleep the whole night without tossing and turning. I will definitely recommend this product.”
Ante Pavkovic
“I woke up feeling rested. Usually when I take Melatonin spray I have an extremely hard time waking up & getting out of bed. With Lively this was not the case, quite the opposite actually. I will definitely consider purchasing another one after this one runs out. Overall I'd give this an A.”
Mike Wiseman
“I’ve struggled with sleep for the past couple of years and I’ve tried a number of solutions such as sleeping apps and soothing candles, but nothing seemed to work. I was skeptical when I tried Lively, but it’s worked far better than I expected it to. I go to sleep within minutes and I wake up feeling like a new person.”
Brittney Howard
"I've been trying it out the last two weeks since I've been needing some good rest. Great product, good choice of flavour and works great! You definitely have my vote."
Winnie Tsui

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